Independent designer for over 17 years, crafting memorable brands, visual systems, and digital products.

Side projects I'm currently working on: was born out of my desire to help creative professionals elevate their work through design thinking and intentional growth. I believe if it is design that got us here, design can get us out. I publish articles, and create educational materials about user experience design methods and how to work with humane technology. You can read the articles on Medium and my newsletter Design for a Better World.

Echoes is a web application for exploring Spotify music streaming stats. Build on Spotify APIs and SDKs, Echoes lets you see your top artists, songs and discover more amazing music.

You can find me on LinkedIn &, my portfolio on Behance & Vimeo, various interests on my Blog.


what i do


As a passionate designer, I fled from a traditional path and explored my creativity, through trying my hands on various disciplines, techniques and softwares. Software is more than just a tool, and I try to dig deep into it. Today, I knack for original thinking and empathy to create viable strategies and impactful solutions, using modern technologies for businesses.

UX/Product Design
Brand Identity Design
Graphic Design
Web Design & Development
Video Editing


Over the past 16 years, I get the chance to work with the most amazing clients from all over the world; artists like Deniz Kurtel to top-notch companies like Elevate Labs, Ekta Capital, easyTaxi, Brown-Forman, Soho House, Marks & Spencer, and Toyota. Created brand identities, designed user experiences, websites, mobile apps and visuals for online/offline marketing and employer branding campaigns.